M-Power Kids - a division of the non-profit organization M-Power, Inc. It is designed to empower children and youth from ages 1-17 to live beyond life’s challenges. 90% of the children that we serve have all had their lives touched by AIDS/HIV, homelessness, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, incarceration or poverty. It is our privilege to be able to love them and impart principles into their lives that empower them to overcome obstacles, and develop and achieve success.

M-Power Women – empowering women to maximize their potential and manifest greatness in every possible arena of life. We provide women with development tools to aid in the maximization of everyday life.

Motive 8 - is a change initiative aimed at helping people achieve new lives. Through counseling, programs and mentorship, we are helping men and women of all ages to reach their potential and walk in the purpose for their lives.


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